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Laurie Childers, Mina Carson,

Bill Veley, and Shelley Willis

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Originals and other songs we love.

Who else plays both"Moon River" and "Working Class Hero?"


photo by Marian Veley

Troubadour Music Center, Corvallis, OR Oct 2009

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Mina Carson: guitar, vocals,
violin, mandolin, banjo,

photo by Jeffrey DB

Laurie Childers: keyboard, vocals, guitar, songwriting

photo by Jeffrey DB

Bill Veley: the bass guy
(he's the best!)

photo by Mina Carson

Shelley Willis: percussion, harmony vocals, guitar, whatever she feels like doing

photo by Laurie Childers



with gratitude to George Beekman and Michael Molk
who will always be RiverRocks family


photo by Jeffrey DB

International Day of Peace celebration, Corvallis, Sept 2009